In March of 2018, The Cheap Flights Guy was founded on giving travelers the free help they desperately deserve on catching the low airfare prices airlines offer! Here at The Cheap Flights Guy we pride ourselves on helping customers book directly through the airline instead of 3rd party websites. This means our help is FREE!

Responsible for…

754 airfare bookings


Here at The Cheap Flights Guy we help you book with the airline!

The Cheap Flights Guy originally started as a blog about 4 years. Brandon started his blog to write about how he could find flights around the USA and flights to Europe from the USA for cheap. Over time it has developed from a blog into a website that now assists everyday people in traveling (our speciality is airfare!).

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The Cheap Flights Guy is affiliated with over 150 companies in the travel industry. These companies range from airlines, booking websites, companies that offer tours/sightseeing like (Viator, Virgin Balloon Flights), hotel brands, rental car companies and many more!

As of February of 2019, TCFG has individual clients in 24 countries, helps 4 sports teams/companies plan travel for their employees or sports teams and helps plan travel for 4 businesses.